The 6 Best Pokemon 25th Anniversary Cards You Need To Get A Hold Of

Where Can I Get These Cards?

While some cards may be promotional cards for the 25th anniversary of Pokemon, more often than not, people are referring to the Pokemon set “Celebrations” released in 2021 when talking about the 25th anniversary as indicated by the little Pikachu logo with a 25 on its face on all of the cards from the set. 

The most of these packs you can buy in one purchase is 10 as there are no booster boxes for this set, meaning that the most packs you can buy at once come from the set’s Elite Trainer Box. Granted, upon release, this was one of the highest value-for-money Elite Trainer Boxes money could buy as it not only came with 10 Celebrations packs but also 5 additional Sword & Shield packs.

However, unlike most packs in the Pokemon TCG, these packs only contain 4 cards as opposed to the standard 10-card Booster pack.

Pikachu V-Union Celebrations Collection Box

#6 Mewtwo EX

This now notorious Mewtwo originally appeared in the 2012 Black & White set: Next Destinies to then make its return in Celebrations nearly a whole decade later. But before this, it even made a return only a year after its original release in the 2013 Black & White set: Legendary Treasures. Ungraded, the Celebrations version of this card is only worth around $8 but in a PSA 10 this card is worth up to $40 and this price is likely to go up in the coming years. The original copy of this card from 10 years ago is funnily enough worth a similar amount to the 2021 version of it both graded in a PSA 10 and completely ungraded.

#5 M Rayquaza EX

This Mega Rayquaza EX may be a lesser-known card among newer fans of the TCG but if you’ve been around since the release of X&Y back in 2013 then this one might ring a bell. Ungraded you can easily pick one of these up for around $11.00 but when in a PSA 10 they can be worth up to $50. The original copy on the other hand from the set Roaring Skies is somehow worth less than the newer remake coming in at around $7 ungraded and only about $40 in a PSA 10.

#4 Shining Magikarp

This entry originally comes from the 2001 set Neo Revelations which also featured one of the rarest cards of all time now, the first edition Shining Gyarados. This card has a lot of nostalgia factor behind it likely boosting its price as every single person who played Pokemon at least had an attempt at catching the gold Magikarp. Very few succeeded but with this card, everyone can finally have one. Because of this, the card is worth around $25 ungraded, and when in a PSA 10, the card can be worth upwards of $60. However, if you manage to get a hold of the original Shining Magikarp, or better yet in first edition, ungraded it is worth around $300 and in a PSA 10 can be worth more than $3800.

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#3 Gold Star Umbreon

Then in comes not only the most expensive Gold Star Pokemon card but probably one of the most expensive Pokemon cards that can be pulled from a pack. The Gold Star Umbreon originally comes from the exclusive POP Series 5 set which was released in 2007. The set was exclusive as the packs could only be obtained by attending a Pokemon Organized Play event, hence the name POP series. Unlike most Pokemon card packs, these packs only contained 2 cards making the Umbreon extremely hard to pull. In Celebrations, however, the card is worth around $20 ungraded and $70 in a PSA 10. However, if on the extremely slim chance that you have the original copy of this card, ungraded it is worth around $1500, and in a PSA 10 is worth more than $19,000.


#2 Gold Mew

This is the first and only entry on this list that isn’t from the Classic Collection likely because it is the only card that people actually care about that is from the normal set. For those who don’t know, the classic collection within the Celebrations set, much like the trainer gallery, refers to the section of the set that contains a certain type of card. In the case of the Classic Collection, this section contains all of the reprints of vintage cards such as the Gold Star Umbreon or the Mewtwo EX. Regardless, ungraded, the Gold, Full-Art Mew is worth around $35 before it is graded and if found in a PSA 10 can be worth upwards of $90.


#1 Holographic Charizard

Finally, we arrive at the card that everyone saw coming from a mile away, the Base Set Holographic Charizard. If you’re at all involved in the Pokemon TCG Community, especially since the hype that Logan Paul drew towards it, then you have definitely heard of if not seen the Base Set Holographic Charizard. This card was released in the first official set of Pokemon cards, better known as the base set of Pokemon, back in 1996. It has since become one of the most sought-after cards in Pokemon history and has been reprinted and recreated countless times throughout the TCG’s existence and the Celebrations set was no exception to this rule. It is the rarest card in the set and without grading is worth around $60. However, if you happen to get it back in a PSA 10 this card can be worth upwards of $230. Now, let’s suppose by some miracle you manage to get the original first edition copy of this card, even if it wasn’t graded you’d be looking at a card worth around $3750. In a PSA 10 though, this card suddenly skyrockets to a whopping $305,402.


How Rare Is The 25th Anniversary Charizard?

Let’s say you have your heart set on packing this Charizard, it’s probably worth knowing how difficult this Charizard is to pull. Well, you’re in luck as it is suggested that the Base Set Charizard reprint has a pull rate of about 1 in 97 or in other words, just a bit over a 1% pull rate. Considering that a pack of celebrations costs about $7 each, it’s easy to see why this card is so sought after.


How Much Are Older Anniversary Packs?

Believe it or not, this wasn’t the first time The Pokemon Company released celebratory packs for the anniversary of Pokemon. In fact, in 2016 they released what is known as the Mythical Collection which contained Generations packs. These packs were the 20th anniversary equivalent to the Celebrations packs and similarly contained some pretty good pulls. These pulls included the Mega Charizard EX, the Pikachu Full Art, and the Shiny Gardevoir Full Art. 


However, prior to this, there weren’t actually any anniversary sets meaning that it’s probably worth collecting the cards from these sets as they mark the first time Pokemon released a set like this for such an occasion. 


A Pokemon Generations pack would probably be hard to come by nowadays, but not impossible. You might be able to find one on eBay or any online marketplace and they sell for around $40 a pack. However, getting them as single pops would be difficult, it’s more likely you will be able to get them from old collection boxes, etc.


What Older Anniversary Cards Should I Look Out For?

If Celebrations isn’t really your thing and you insist on collecting cards from the Generations set list, then it would probably be a good idea to know what you should be looking out for in these packs or even if you’re just looking to buy individual cards. It’s worth noting that, much like Celebrations, Generations has two different sections of its setlist. It has the standard setlist but then it has the Radiant Collection which contains all of the cool full art and shiny pulls from the set. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, do not fret, we’ve compiled a list of all of the chase cards from the Generations so that you don’t have to go scouring the web for them.

M Charizard EX: This is likely one of the most sought-after cards in the set and it doesn’t even come from the radiant collection of the set. As you could probably guess because it’s a Charizard, it immediately gains some sort of monetary value. Not only that though, but it’s also the X mega-evolution of Charizard which everyone seems to massively prefer to the Y mega-evolution which only looks slightly different to the standard Charizard anyway. Regardless, ungraded this card is worth around $55 and in PSA 10 this card is worth upwards of $500.


Flareon EX Full Art: The following two cards are both from the Radiant Collection of Generations. This is one of the cooler full arts from an older generation of Pokemon as it’s the closest thing we had to alternate arts back then unlike now when almost every set has about 4 alt arts in it. What’s also so cool about this card is that it features the 3 original Eeeveelutions (Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon) all in one card which isn’t something you’d come by too often at this point in the Pokemon TCG. Ungraded, this card is worth around $25 but in a PSA 10 can be worth up to $300. 


Sylveon EX Full Art: This cute little thing is, much like the Flareon, worth so much because of its likeness to an alt art and also the fact that the art is awesome and features not only a Sylveon but a cute little Eevee in the back as well. Ungraded you can probably pick one of these up for around $24 and in a PSA 10, these are worth more than $200.


There are of course other awesome pulls in this set as it features some of the coolest art out of any set released in 2016 but in terms of actual value, these cards are the biggest chases in the set.


When Will They Release Their Next Anniversary Set?

Judging by the release schedule of the past two anniversary sets, it’s likely that there will be another celebratory set in 2026 in which Pokemon will be celebrating its 30th anniversary. Judging by how much Pokemon has been scaling up the grandeur of their sets in recent years, especially with the release of Crown Zenith just on the horizon, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be crazy.


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