The 10 Most Valuable Shiny Pokémon Cards of All Time

Pokémon cards have always been the ultimate means of splurging among fans. But a few cards are much rarer and much more valuable than others. Pokémon cards in alternate colours better known as shiny Pokémon cards are the most coveted cards in the game.


But why are these different coloured Pokémons so special? How rare is a shiny Pokémon card? And what cards should you always be on the lookout for? Let’s find out!

What Are Shiny Pokémon?

Simply put, a shiny Pokémon is a different-colored version of a regular Pokémon. What makes them special is their rarity. You won’t find a shiny Pokémon in every video game or card game. They’re so rare that many content creators spend hundreds of hours looking for these shiny Pokémon within the video games.


If you’re extremely lucky, you may spot shiny Pokémon in any of the games just on a whim but as mentioned before many people invest hundreds of hours looking for them. But how do you identify one if you’re a beginner? 


The game makes it easy for you. When you come across a shiny Pokémon, you’ll see an icon with three stars above its CP. These shiny Pokémon have a different color and light up or flash every time they’re sent into battle.


Finding these Pokémons in a regular game is extremely rare. If you’re a numbers person, your chance of coming across a shiny Pokémon in the wild is 1 in 4096, which means that the chance of a Pokémon being shiny is 0.024%. This makes it even more intriguing. Even though the latest versions of the game have doubled your chances of encountering a shiny Pokémon, your possibilities are still slim.


But does every Pokémon have a shiny version, or are there only certain ones? Technically, the shiny version of every Pokémon in the game has been added to the database. However, that doesn’t mean there’s a way to get the shinier version.


Some Pokémon are shiny-locked in different versions of the game. As the term implies, is is impossible for the Pokémon to be shiny when you get or encounter them. This lock is usually reserved for mythical or legendary Pokémons.


The locking of Pokémon without shine began in a comparatively new version of the game, Generation V, with Black and White. As a result, three Pokémon were locked in that game. Since then, several other Pokémons have been shiny-locked across multiple game versions.

Are Shiny Pokémon Any Stronger Than Normal Pokemon?

As we know, shiny Pokémon are pretty rare and a treat to find. But do they also have special powers, and are they stronger than the normal Pokémon?


The answer to this question could be quite disappointing. Shiny Pokémon are neither stronger nor weaker than regular Pokémons. The different colour variation only adds to the aesthetic value of the Pokémon and not its abilities.


A normal Pokémon and a shiny Pokémon are identical in battling strength. The only distinction between them is that the shiny one has a different and rare color with shining stars surrounding it. These Pokémon also make unique sound effects when they’re captured. There is no connection between the shininess of the Pokémon and its values.


In simple words, shiny Pokémon don’t have boosted stats, they can’t learn special moves, and they are not more powerful than their regular counterparts.

How Rare Is a Shiny Pokémon Card?

While we know that a shiny Pokémon has a slightly different color than the normal one, the same concept applies to Pokémon cards. These cards can be seen dotted throughout many different sets throughout the history of the Pokemon TCG as far back. Shiny Pokemon have come in many different forms throughout their history in the card game whether it be “Gold Star” cards, “Shining Pokemon” or just standard GXs and VMaxs. To give you a better idea of a shiny card, you may find a Black Charizard instead of an orange one. 


But why are these cards so valuable, and why do people spend hours and weeks looking for them?


This is because the chances of pulling a shiny Pokémon card from a deck are very slim. Of course it varies from set to set but the chances of pulling a shiny are universally slim.


You might have to spend $1000 or more on some booster boxes if you want a shiny card. And even then, there is no guarantee that you will get your hands on a shiny Pokémon card.

#10 Shining Steelix

Shining Steelix was first introduced in the Neo Destiny trade card set. It is the evolved version of Onix, a massive large rock snake. Steelix has an additional layer of metal surrounding its body, which makes it one of the most fearsome Pokémon.


The original version of Steelix is a steel gray Pokémon. However, the shinier version of the Pokémon has a golden exterior, making it look rarer. The all-gold color of the Pokémon and its menacing facial expression make this trading card one of the coolest in the collection. The price for this shiny Pokémon varies between $215 and $247.

Shining Steelix In A PSA 10

#9 Dragons Exalted Rayquaza

Rayquaza is amongst the strongest dragons in Pokémon history. The shinier version of the dragon Pokémon was introduced in the Dragons Exalted set. This Pokémon trading card holds the most power and popularity in the set. 


The original version of Rayquaza features a green snake-like dragon. However, the shinier version of this Pokémon has been swapped with black, making Rayquaza look even more dominating in the skies. It was the first shiny dragon-type Pokémon to be included in the card game, making it more iconic and valuable. A shiny Rayquaza Pokémon card varies between $250 and $400.

Dragons Exalted Shiny Rayquaza 

#8 Charizard GX

Charizard GX is a shiny Pokémon card that was first introduced in the Hidden Fates pack. This pack was comparatively smaller but targeted the collectors by introducing the Shiny vault. 


The Shiny Vault was a subset of cards found hidden in the pack and included cards with the shiny versions of popular Pokémons of that era. While the original Charizard has an iconic look with yellow and orange, the shinier version of the Pokémon featured a black and red Charizard. 


Like other Charizard cards, this one also carries a significant price tag and is a little difficult to find compared to others. The price of this shiny Pokémon card varies between $350 and $375. In May 2022, the card was sold at $400, and the price is expected to rise in 2023.

Shiny Charizard GX

#7 Shining Magikarp

Magikarp is a generation 1 water-type Pokémon and is limited to just a single attack. For a Pokémon that can just splash to defeat its enemies, Magikarp has certainly gained a lot of popularity. This shiny Pokémon card was first introduced in the Neo Revelation collection. 


The original Pokémon features the usual orange, red, and yellow color scheme. However, the shiner version of this Pokémon has an all-gold appearance with a flame-like glow. The popularity of this card has continued to grow since it was first introduced. 


Its price ranged between $430 and $450 in 2022. However, the price peaked at $600 in February, making it one of this collection’s most sought-after trading cards.

Shining Magikarp In A PSA 10

#6 Shining Kabutops

Shining Kabutops was first introduced in the Neo Destiny Pokémon card set. These Pokémon were considered so rare that only one could be included in each set. While most of the shining versions of the Pokémon were inconspicuous, the Kabutops was just the opposite.


The appearance of the original Pokémon was similar to the fossils it was regenerated from and featured variants of brown on its skin with long steel blades. However, the shinier version of this Pokémon has a lime-green appearance, making it look more like an alien. In addition, this card features absolutely beautiful artwork. The price of shining Kabutops ranges between $440 and $570.

Shining Kabutops In A PSA 10

#5 Pikachu Star

Pikachu is one of the flagship Pokémon of the series, and its shinier version does hold significant value in the trading market. This Pokémon was first introduced in the Holon Phantoms card set and had a comparatively muted color scheme. 


The original Pikachu features a pale yellow color scheme. Whereas the shinier version of this Pokémon features a dark orange skin Pikachu with pink cheeks. The card also features an explosion of lightning behind the Pokémon, making it look more heroic. Unfortunately, the Pikachu Star card is typically hard to acquire. The price of the card ranges between $500 and $800.

Pikachu Star In A PSA 10

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#4 Shining Gyarados

Shining Gyarados, popularly known as the Red Gyarados, was first introduced in the Neo Revelation card set. It was one of the first Pokémon guaranteed to appear in the second generation of the game. 


The original version of the Gyarados Pokémon features a turquoise blue color scheme. However, the shining Gyarados have dark red scales. You can find these Pokémons in the Lake of Rage in video games. Similarly, in the card, the Pokémon is seen raging out of the lake. The price of a Shining Gyarados card ranges between $800 and $900.

Shining Gyarados In A PSA 10

#3 Shining Mewtwo

Mewtwo has always been one of the most powerful Pokémons in existence. Mewtwo is also one of the most misunderstood Pokémon. The shining version of Mewtwo was introduced in the Neo Destiny card set. It was one of the final expansions of the Pokémon card game. 


The original Mewtwo is primarily gray with a long purple tray. On the other hand, the shining version of this Pokémon features a lime-green colored tail and a reflective shield. The card also shows a glow all around the Pokémon. Its price ranged between $800 and $1100.

Shining Mewtwo In A PSA 9

#2 Shining Charizard

The Shining Charizard is amongst the most expensive and rarest Pokémon cards ever printed. It was also a part of the iconic Neo Destiny collection. Even damaged Pokémon cards can sell for up to $1000, making them the most sought-after card in the entire collection. 


This Pokémon is rare even in video games but finding a card in the deck is even rarer. The original Charizard Pokémon has teal wings with an orange body. Whereas the Shining Charizard features a black and blue Pokémon. The price of the card can range between $833 and $1470.

Shining Charizard In A PSA 9

#1 Espeon Star

Espeon is a psychic Pokémon and is part of the second generation. This evolved form of Eevee resembles a cat and is stronger for battles during the daytime. The Espeon Star is the shiny version of the Pokémon that was first introduced as a part of the Pop Series 5 collection. 


This series was a special edition that you could only receive by participating in play events organized by Pokémon. The Pop series was an extremely valuable and rare collection. This means that all the cards from this collection have a high resale value, even the damaged ones. 


Espeon is a cat-like Pokémon with light purple colored fur. On the other hand, the shinier version of this Pokémon features a bright green color with a glow surrounding the creature. The price of an Espeon Star card is around $2000. Since only a limited number of these cards exist, the price will always ascend.

Evolving Skies Umbreon VMax Alternate Art

What Should You Do if You Pull a Shiny Pokémon Card?

At times it might feel like shiny Pokemon cards are just impossible to pull just because of how rare they are. But we can guarantee that these cards are still available in many Pokémon sets, especially sets like Hidden or Shining Fates


Suppose you are thinking about making a few hundred dollars from cards. You should first know how to identify them. The only way to know that you have pulled out a shiny card is to have a solid knowledge of booster packs and the colors of Pokémon. If the Pokémon is a different color than it usually is, you have got yourself a shiny card. 


Depending on the Pokemon, a shiny Pokémon card easily be worth hundreds of dollars. Therefore, you should not include these cards in your deck and instead you should get your cards graded. This would help you understand the resale value of your card and keep it in prime condition.

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