The 10 Most Valuable BREAK Pokemon Cards

What Are Break Cards?

If you’re a more seasoned collector of the Pokemon TCG then you may recall a time when The Pokemon Company was producing cards known as Break cards. These cards were first introduced to English cards in the cleverly named “BREAKthrough” expansion way back in November 2015. These cards continued to appear in English sets throughout the X & Y era of Pokemon such as BREAKpoint, Fates Collide, Steam Siege, Evolutions, etc. They are a special kind of evolution card that are classed as their own type, meaning that cannot be pulled from your deck with cards that do things like “draw an evolution card from your deck”.

Probably the most distinguishable feature of BREAK cards is that the art of the card is displayed horizontally as opposed to vertically like most full art cards. As well as this the art is always a golden CGI version of the Pokemon on BREAK cards which is a cool touch. However, if you were collecting at the time of these cards’ release you might remember these cards not being particularly popular at the time. People weren’t too fond of the horizontal art nor were they huge fans of the Pokemon being almost unidentifiable under the gold texture. Even to this day, nobody is leaping at the opportunity to get their hands on a BREAK card which raises the question, what are the most valuable BREAK Pokemon cards?

Are They Similar To GX Pokemon Cards?

While the name EX and GX may sound quite similar, there are quite a few fundamental differences between the two types of cards. For one the design of the cards have some key differences between them. EX cards feature art that kind of spills over the inner border of the cards art whereas GX cards don’t even have an inner border. As well as this, because you can only play one GX card per game, GX cards tend to have much higher HP values than EX cards. However, it’s not just their HP that makes them this much stronger, GX cards also feature GX attacks which can only be used once a game. While EX nor GX cards are the rarest cards in the world, GX cards are marginally rarer than EX cards. So in short, GX cards aren’t particularly similar to EX cards apart from the fact that they rhyme and they are ultra rares.

#9 Ninetales 16/108

Taking the first spot on this list is a recognizable first-generation fire-type in Ninetales. It comes from what is likely the most famous X & Y set: Evolutions. This set was released in 2016 and notoriously re-released the fabled holographic, base-set Charizard. This Ninetales is by no means a big-hitter in this set and is actually one of the less valuable cards but in the scope of BREAK cards, it’s fairly expensive, selling for around $38 in a PSA 10.

Ninetales 16/108

#8 Hydreigon 87/114

Next comes a fan-favorite dragon type from the video game franchise, Hydreigon. This card comes from what is rated as one of the worst Pokemon sets of all time 2016’s Steam Siege. When it comes to sets with nothing to pull, Steam Siege trumps them all. Even in 2023, the biggest hits from this set are only worth around $90 in a PSA 10. However, as we said before, the bar isn’t exactly set super high when it comes to the value of BREAK cards so when we say that this card is worth about $46 it’s pretty impressive.

Hydreigon 87/114

#7 Yveltal 66/114

At number 6 is the Pokemon Y mascot and legendary, Yveltal, also coming from the 2016 set Steam Siege, this card is marginally more expensive than the Hydreigon. In a PSA 10 this card can be found selling for around $50 however, this is subject to change. 

Yveltal 66/114

#6 Zoroark 92/162

Now, coming from the aforementioned 2015 set BREAKthrough, we have the generation V, dark type Pokemon, Zoroark. This was the set that introduced the BREAK mechanic into the game but for some reason just didn’t really have that many huge pulls in it. In a set choked full of Mewtwos that everyone is looking to get a hold of, the Zoroark was slightly overshadowed. Nonetheless, this card can be found selling for around $60 in a PSA 10.

Zoroark 92/162

#5 Marowak 79/162

Although we just said Zoroark is one of the only worthwhile BREAK cards from the debut BREAK set, there is one exception to this and that is the Marowak BREAK card from the very same set. Now we are starting to enter the region of reasonably valuable cards as this Marowak can be found selling for upwards of $90 in a PSA 10. This card is not only valuable in the scope of all BREAK cards but is actually one of the more expensive cards in the whole set itself.

Marowak 79/162

#4 Lugia 79/124

Now we have the first card on the list that breaks the $100 threshold and it comes in the form of the second-generation (Silver) Legendary and mascot. It’s unsurprising that this card actually sells for so much as typically when the Pokemon Company slaps a nostalgic Pokemon onto any card, its value immediately increases (I’m looking at you Charizard and Pikachu). Coming from the set Fates Collide, this card can be found selling for around $100 in a PSA 10.

Lugia 79/124

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#3 Raticate 19/122

Taking the bronze medal on this list we have a less common face in the Pokemon TCG, Raticate. This normal-type Pokemon comes from the first generation of Pokemon and isn’t a particularly popular Pokemon by any means. In fact, it is probably one of the much less popular first-generation Pokemon out there. Regardless, this card, coming from the set BREAKthrough is one of the most expensive BREAK cards you can get your hands on, coming in at about $100. However, this has been known to fluctuate in the past which is why we have put it above the Lugia.

Raticate 19/122

#2 Greninja 41/112

Coming in at number two we have one of the most popular water-type starters in the Pokemon franchise, even making its way into the Super Smash Bros roster, Greninja. Making his debut in generation six of Pokemon, Greninja is among some of the most notable water-type starters like Blastoise, Feraligatr, etc. Because of this, it’s unsurprising that it made its way to such a high spot on the list. This card comes from the set BREAKpoint and can cost more than $117 in a PSA 10.

Greninja 41/112

#1 Florges 104/162

Now here’s a gold medalist you probably didn’t expect.  For a lot of you reading this, you may have never even heard of the Pokemon Florges and I don’t blame you. Florges isn’t by any means the poster boy of Pokemon, in fact, its card type, (fairy) was discontinued after X and Y  which is what makes it so surprising that this card is worth so much in a PSA 10. There doesn’t appear to be a reason that I could really point to as to why this card is worth so much but it’s worth quite a bit nonetheless. Coming from the set BREAKthrough, in a PSA 10 you can find this card selling for more than $130.

Florges 104/162

Why Do People Dislike BREAK Cards?

There are quite a few reasons why people hate BREAK cards but the most glaring issue with them seems to be their design. One factor that will always affect the value of a card is the quality of the card’s art. If a card is ugly, it doesn’t have much value to collectors beyond the card population and people can seem to unanimously agree that BREAK cards aren’t the prettiest cards in the world. Everything from their horizontal artwork to their weird gold finish just made them extremely unpopular amongst fans and possibly the worst sin of all they never made a Charizard BREAK card.

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